Kami Steele-Rich

In 2015 I had a complete mental and physical collapse. My heart, mind and body were broken. I was hopeless and desperate for a way out. Soon after this happened, I entered a rehabilitation facility. They provided a therapist, physician, EMDR treatment, acupuncture and horse therapy.
I was open to all of it but had my doubts about the horse therapy. 
I was in treatment for 30 days and towards the end, it was my turn to spend time with the horses. Though skeptical, I went along with it. They had me walk into the ring where the horse was and just stand there. At first he stood as far away from me as possible. I was told at that point he would come to me once I was calm. So, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and relaxed. The horse immediately came to me and put his face to my cheek. At that moment a peace came over me. One I had not felt in years. I felt hope. I continued the therapy until I left and treasure this experience very much. It helped me see that there was still good in my life, that I mattered and that there is always hope.