Holly Schultz

Been waiting to share this, so much has been happening the last few months. I had the privilege of meeting some amazing people a few months ago at our annual suicide awareness walk. Spencer Smith Lori Manley, when I found out what it was they do I knew instantly I had to introduce myself. Spencer started and funds a ranch that involves equine therapy(horses) that is offered to those who are or have been bullied, to those struggling with depression, anxiety, autism, domestic violence. I knew I had to introduce my daughter to them, if anyone that knows her knows how much she loves horses, they are her safe haven, her sanctuary, a place where she finds solace and comfort away from all her struggles. My daughter is Autistic and struggles with several attributes associated with autism. Some days are good, some days are ok and some days are just complete havoc, severe meltdowns, overstimulated days that leave us both exhausted. On top of her struggles, PTSD is one of them for she was too young to understand and process the loss of her sister MeQuel Jordan. These last 3 years have been a roller coaster of many emotions and some days I fear for her future. Over the past few months we have been doing equine therapy and with much gratitude, I can say I see a light at the end of the tunnel I had only thought would be a continued darkness for her. To see her smile again, to hear her laugh, to hear her say dreams really do come true touches my soul, tears of happiness to see her shine like she is meant to shine, to see hope in her eyes, that is a dream come true for me. This is better than any medication a Dr could prescribe. This is living a beautiful life, a life worth living, there is always hope, always a SUNNYSIDE. 

This is what healing looks like. We are now a part of this ranch and want to help others the way they have helped us. I can't thank these people enough for showing us that dreams do come true for showing genuine love and compassion. If anyone would like to know more about equine therapy please message me, Lori, or Spencer. The ranch is based in Idaho but we are working on bringing it here, it's a process but with others support I know we can make it happen. If anyone is interested please message me and I can give you the details. Thank you, Spencer and Lori and Double S Ranch